Behavioral Developmental Pediatrician

Helping Struggling Children

I am  a Clinical Professor of Pediatrics with the University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine in Tulsa.  I have practiced general pediatrics for three decades and devoted the past sixteen years as a behavioral pediatrician helping parents with their children who exhibit behavioral or learning problems, including ADHD.

This has been accomplished through my medical practice of parental counseling for behavioral problems, executive dysfunction, temperament/EF testing, parenting plan designs, and Cogmed training for strengthening working memory. 

Most of the parents entered my medical practice of parental counseling for their child’s behavioral problems.  They were at their wits end, full of guilt, and feeling like parenting failure. The parents quickly learned why they were having problems, shifted their approach to parenting and applied new tools for managing their Not So Easy Child.  They began to like their child again. 

The toddler to teen’s range of symptoms include resistance, defiance, shyness, super sensitivity, anxiety, social issues, hyperactivity, attention problems, bullying and being bullied, chronic unhappiness, impulsivity, eating problems, compulsivity, distractibility, and chronic anger.  Sometimes only behavioral or learning problems and sometimes both.  Most families saw improvement in a week and after consistently working with their child noticed significant help during the next three months.  

When I run into these families years later and ask  how things were the reply is  always, “Good!”  Most all admitted there were times when behavior slipped into the original patterns because they quit using the tools to help but, “We just got our notebooks out and read the plan and then everything returned to harmony.”  Buy  The Normal but Not-So-Easy Child   at Amazon, this is your notebook. 

I have done early childhood research into executive functioning to identify children with behavioral and learning problems. I have also served as a consultant to public and private school systems and give regional and national workshops to parents, teachers and professional groups. 

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Honors and Awards

  • National Health Foundation Scholarship in Medicine
  • Research Fellowship in Neurophysiology & Biochemistry 
  • Wyeth Pediatric Fellow in Pediatrics                                                
  • AMA Physicians in Radio and Television Award
  • Undergraduate Rockefeller Scholarship                                            
  • American Association of Physician Executives                                 

Qualifications and Experience

University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, Tulsa.   
Clinical Professor of Pediatrics   2004 to present
Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics  1975 to 1989 

Parental & Pediatric Guidance (previously 1Steps Guidance® 2003 to present
Medical practice of parental counseling for behavioral problems, executive dysfunction, temperament/EF testing, parenting plan designs, and Cogmed training for working memory.  Consultant to the Tulsa Catholic Diocese Schools, Parkside Psychiatric Hospital, Family & Children’s Services.
Medical Business Profile
Unique scope of abilities as a senior executive based on expertise as a practicing physician, an officer of a top five health care corporation and an entrepreneurial biohealth company. Experience in strategic planning, marketing, public relations, sales, distribution, and Internet/e-business applications. Knowledge of the health care delivery systems, reimbursement systems, disease management, practice management, medical political issues and business / economic issues.
The Hudson Group -  Health Care Consultants                           1996 –2007                        

University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, Tulsa. Clinical Professor of Pediatrics. 
Pediatric, Internal Medical & Family Medicine Clinics Process Audit & Consultant projects for the Dean & Department Chairs.                                                                         

WebMD   Bioterrorism Active Surveillance feasibility
Consultation project with a detailed development plan for the creation of a 20,000-physician surveillance and reporting system.             
Quidel Corporation Medical Diagnostic Company VP Global Medical Affairs    
Developed the company’s medical direction, interfaced with health care delivery systems, designed long term strategy for integration of clinical and market forces, served as  medical resource to Sales & Marketing, R and D, New Business Strategy.                                                                             

Gynetics, Inc. Women’s Health Pharmaceutical Company Medical and marketing/ sales consultant 
Designed strategic market plan and sales distribution for Preven, the first FDA cleared Emergency contraceptive.

ZymeTx, Inc.  Biomedical Company   VP Medical/Marketing/Sales
Developed protocols and economic models for a comprehensive influenza disease management program. Designed and monitored clinical studies.  Internet Conceived, designed and built the first influenza disease surveillance network of 6,500 physicians located in 1,200 communities and displayed at Created a national flu media alert campaign resulting in 20 million media impressions.


  • Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Texas, Southwestern Medical School
  • Chief Resident Pediatrics at the University of Texas, Southwestern Medical School,  Parkland Hospital Children’s Medical Center,  Dallas, Texas
  • University of Arkansas School of Medicine, M.D.
  • Externship Psychiatry University of Arkansas 1963-1964
  • Little Rock University  (Presently University of Arkansas at Little Rock), B.S.M.

Military Service
Captain, United States Air Force, Pediatric Consultant Referral Hospital at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi